Model : FOM 71CLS

Liên hệ

  +  Meets IEC and ISO international standards

  +  Suitable for testing washing effects of detergents and chemicals and for textile quality control

  +  Suspended drum construction allows a high extraction force. No foundation required

  +  Small space between outer/inner drum for efficient use of water and detergent

  +  Dual water control of volume (weight) and level

  +  Built in scale for precise volume control, accuracy: 1 12,300

        *  volume control ± 0.2 litre/bath

        *  level control ± 0.8 litre/bathEquipped with Clarus Control® - a fully programmable electronic timer

  +  Frequency controlled motor system for flexibility in programming and precise speed

  +  Test tap for water samples

  +  Stainless steel drum assembly, front, side and top panel

  +  Standard application: Adidas test method, ISO 6330

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