Model : STM 590

Liên hệ

This machine tests slide (zip) fasteners and complies with SATRA TM50:1992, Method 1. It tests up to and including three fasteners simultaneously by repeatedly opening and closing them until either the fasteners fail or the number of preset cycles is reached.

The zip fastener is held vertically between lower fixed clamps & an upper loaded clamp. Horizontal loads are applied to the fasteners by two horizontal clamps and load masses.


Procedure outline

The fastener is clamped between the lower and upper clamp; a load (force) is applied by a stainless steel mass. The two horizontal clamps are fixed to the fasteners, opposite and equal forces are applied to these clamps by stainless steel masses.

If a fastener fails, the drive mechanism will stop actuating that particular fastener, but will continue operating other fasteners. The mechanism is easily reset when preparing the machine for a test run.

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